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2019 / 2020






AJ Nails Collection  ♥

Is a vegan, cruelty free, 10- free (Non Toxic), indie nail polish brand, located and handcrafted in London, United Kingdom.

We provide a unique, fun and colourful range of nail polishes, as well as nail care products and accessories.


I have always had a passion for nail polish and anything nail related. Just being able to express yourself with painting your nails with different colours and glitters makes me smile and extremely happy . While looking for some new nail polishes to purchase, before a holiday in 2017, i realised there was no new or unique shades available in the stores or online, that were different to the ones i already owned. I just wanted something unique , bright and fun! 


So.. the idea of making my own nail polish originated while on holiday in Jamaica, early 2017. I spent most of my holiday researching if and how i could make nail polish myself , while taking notes about the different ingredients and finishes. Not long after this, i made an Instagram to post up nail art and other nail related pictures.  

On the 16th January 2018 we officially launched AJ Nails Collection (Double celebrations as this is also my birthday!♥) After months and months of researching, testing and experimenting with different ingredients and colours. One of the first nail polishes created and added to our collection was 'Candy Floss' a pink creme nail polish , also shown in the first picture above in 2017! as well as 'Silver Dust' which is still one of our best sellers .

Some of our nail polishes / collections are inspired by important people in my life & special memories i have made over the years. Make sure you check the product description for fun facts. 

We aim to make the best quality, fun and safe nail polishes that we possibility can. Always researching and gaining more knowledge on nail polishes and other related products.We are always looking to create more unique and amazing products to add to our collection. 

Thank you so much for visiting, shopping & supporting our business! 








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