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These beauties are better known as Oopsies! They unfortunately did not make it into our main collections but are still amazing.


Some may be similar to nail polishes in our collections and may need extra coats in order to be fully opaque. Please also read each description of each nail polish, as some may be available in a different / size bottle than our usual style ♥.

Created for those who love surprises! Our mystery bundles include 4 x 10ml, for only £5! Limited time only, as our new collection is launching the 1st November 2023! 

Nail polishes that could be in your mystery bundle (depending on stock) :

♥ Holographic glitter           ♥ Cremes
♥ Neons                                ♥ Shimmer                         
♥ Top / Base Coats              ♥ Reflective Glitter 

♥ Thermals                           ♥ Flakies


Handmade with love from the United Kingdom. All our nail polishes are Vegan, Cruelty Free and 10-free (Non Toxic).

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